The Farms and Foods Book

Published in September, 2013, Farms and Foods highlights the long history, diverse products, and sheer beauty of New Mexico’s agriculture and landscapes.


      Farms and Foods: New Mexico’s Agricultural Legacy
      ISBN: 978-0615844800
      UnitySW Press – Timothy McKimmie
      104 pages,  200+ color photographs, $22

From back cover:
This book delivers a tour of New Mexico agriculture, from farms and fields to farmers markets, featuring the products of the land and culture. The story begins with the earliest Indian farmers who grew corn, beans, and squash, then moves to the history of Spanish colonial farmers and other settlers. Next, the topics switch to crops grown today, fruits, vegetables, and market displays. Water, a scarce and essential resource, has a chapter. Other topics include community farms, food festivals, organic production, livestock, and sustainability. The book will appeal to all lovers of fresh foods and farmlands. Children and parents, students and teachers, gardeners, cooks, cowboys, travelers, and New Mexicans everywhere will gain a new appreciation of this wonderful landscape.

About the author: Timothy (“Tim”) McKimmie lives in Las Cruces. He has been involved with southwest agriculture, horticulture, and botany for more than 30 years, retiring in 2012 from the College of Agriculture at New Mexico State University where he also worked as agriculture librarian. He is passionate about New Mexico, its landscape, and its agricultural heritage. Other publications include Chihuahuan Desert Gardens: a native plant selection guide.